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About the book and Nixon's contribution

 Independently the write-ups by the authors related to the selection processes indicate that the systems, procedures and the content need to be updated. The articles relating to training processes indicate that the processes are not truly focused at producing thinking soldiers and value based ones. The entry point is not sufficiently well defined in as far as physicals go and all this leads to unnecessary anomalies in the training process.

Nixon's articles address the following issues:

The first article deals with realities on the ground about the NDA, that the processes have difficulties and that the existing situation does not facilitate effective quality control and that there is a need for change.

The second article discusses the possibility that NDA presents a great opportunity for the nation to draw secular wisdom from its ancient texts and use them for the training of the young would be warriors. This would help the nation benefit from its rich heritage directly through better soldiering and indirectly through the use of the knowledge in daily life. 

The third article is split up into four different articles and they together discuss the question of motivation of the armed forces soldier. A soldier is motivated only by things that border on spirituality... Understanding what motivated the distinguished heroes of our ancient past would help the young would-be leaders to understand what truly motivates the Indian soldier and therefore lead them better.

All in all the book is a must read for the following:

Students of leadership

Officialdom aspirants and their parents

Selectors and trainers

Leaders and statesmen in the armed forces and otherwise.

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