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 Sinduland Perspective

Sinduland Perspective:




Dear Rev. Fr. Singarayar,

Greetings to you in the name of Christ our Lord!

I write to you to bear testimony to a healing that occurred on 2nd February this year during the healing session conducted by Fr. Vijay and his team from Hyderabad, in due course of the night vigil at the St. Sebastian Church,

I have been suffering from a skin irritation for quite some time. Dr. TV George the general physician at Arul Nagar, indicated that there is no cure for the condition and gave me medicines to keep the condition in check. I then consulted a skin specialist at the KVT hospital. Dr. Nitya Gayatridevi, she more or less confirmed that it cannot be cured. She said it happens because the sweat pores are tired from sweating. She said that at the most we could stop the degradation but it will not be healed. Come summer the condition will become worse, ‘you have to live with it’ she said…

With no solution in sight I wanted to meet more specialists and was putting in a lot of effort trying to locate someone. I also made plans to go to doctors of the other traditional systems to see if they have the solution to the problem. The condition troubled me a lot.  

Before the vigil I had prayed that it would be difficult for me if I were to travel extensively on a mission with this problem. On the night of the vigil, during the healing session I prayed for being able to perform Karma yoga—that is, to be able to work without expectation and not to be motivated by the fruits. I also prayed that the problem with my skin be healed but “but let it be according to Your Will”. I also used the force of thought to imagine that the problem was leaving me…

Among the images that were very striking on that day was when Fr. Vijay said that we must not follow even the parish priest but rather must follow Christ. Another image was that of the cross and rosary he raised up in his right hand at the healing session. Also the sign of the cross he put on my forehead.

In the end of the healing session Fr. Vijay said, among other things, that ‘a person who was suffering from a skin allergy for the last one and half years has been cured’. Reflecting backwards I realized that I had indeed been suffering from that condition for the past year and half. I had also not told him, in any way, that I was suffering from it.

I cannot say that I saw anything distinct happen to me on that day. But having observed for a month, wearing those special T-shirts, wearing my rucksack, being out in the sun, all of which gave me trouble—I notice the situation has come back to normal… I have now given up all idea of going to any doctor to have any problem addressed… For the last one month this has not bothered me…

Though I am not surprised about such a cure happening, I am grateful that it has happened with me. And I realize that what is more important is that I must dwell on His words and follow His way to The Father.

I thank the church, the parish, each and every member of the prayer group at the night vigil and Fr. Vijay and his team for the prayers and for this blessed togetherness…  

May the peace and love of Christ reign over us and over all the earth.

In gratitude,

With deep regards,

Nixon Fernando

Chennai, 5/3/2013







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