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“Why this vision…?”
The author, in due course of his studies, found that governance can be handled better than they are now being handled provided attention is paid to some of the wise who have left behind indicators and signposts. When we can do things in a better way, why grind our energies over unproductive approaches and conflicting ideals. The answers are there and the author hopes to highlight how they can be identified and applied.       

Why this website…?
It is a means to communicate widely, raise awareness and build partnerships to take the mission forward. 

Why so many books for the vision…?
It is inappropriate to think of what is happening in a neighbourhood without understanding the global forces acting on it; and on the other hand international issues are not independent of the inner truth that rules each individual human being… Further, there is too much noise in the intellectual field; it is important consider many factors coherently and this is not possible when argumentative cacophonies (that generally defend dogmas or political correctness or vested interests) tend to shut out reasoning… This series attempts to comprehensively lay it out so that there is a basic reference point to start meaningful discussion and cohesive action...

Why a one-man effort?
The advantage of a one-man effort is that it helps in getting integrity to a vision. The disadvantage is that it is impossible for one mind to master contents from a multitude of fields. Any way, with eminent persons like Dr. Lalitha Ramamurthi, Admiral Arun Prakash and Mr. TN Seshan having said positive things about various aspects of the Vision one may expect that the effort can be given a second thought. Further, it is built on time tested principles and wisdom so in many ways it is a compilation; and one would be only glad if people can improve on it...

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