In the land where the Sindu flows
  Rule-of-law, Duty, Supreme Self, Present Moment  

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Explore the aspects of the vision:  The Vision is broken up into various sections. All aspects of the vision may not be of interest to a particular individual—be selective;

Explore the articles and the perspective sections: there are select writings which offer insights in the context of specific current happenings or they throw light on important issues. These help give the general drift of the vision

Explore ideas and opportunities: The readers are expected to do justice to a call to action arising from within themselves; that is, they are expected to work for their own internal satisfaction, meaning that the ideas being proposed here are meant to help the readers pursue their special goals out of their own free will. Readers are therefore expected to see if any of these suggestions work out as avenues to better their self-expression…   

Give feedback to educate the author: Feedback is welcome—positive and negative—besides educating the author it will also help in improving the material contained in the proposed vision… There would be increased likelihood that the actions that follow will have more depth and greater harmony … 

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