In the land where the Sindu flows
  Rule-of-law, Duty, Supreme Self, Present Moment  

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These views are believed to have emerged from sincere explorations into truth. They are meant to ignite thought in readers. There is firm belief that the effort seeks the welfare of all of humankind.

This is supposed to be an exploration into truth. A spade is a spade… if there is a dogma that is worshipping the spade as a diamond one must not expect the author to toe that line—the endeavour will be to call it a spade… Politically correct perspectives always have it difficult with explorations into truth. Explorations into truth do not cater to mollycoddling a particular political view point… 

It is a read and ruminate kind of series; expected to make one think… Please invest time and thought…

It is India specific: (but that does not mean others do not stand to gain both in knowledge and action-ability)        

Most ideas contained in this series are not original; the compilation is…

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