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Important findings of the study

It is impossible to fix one particular reason as a direct cause of farmers’ suicides

It is common to say that money is the problem… but money is only a tool, a resource… why do farmers land up with a crunch for financial resources?

The underlying forces cannot be seen piece meal, there are influences ranging from the international to the local level… a comprehensive look is important… Economical, sociological, political, educational, cultural, geographic…

A farmer is being squeezed from all sides… as these forces become stronger and his defense mechanism becomes weaker the probability that he will fall over the edge increases

There are no signs that this trend is likely to abate if left unaddressed

The government has been forced to adopt a policy of liberalization in order to secure its integrity but questions arise as to whether it is within the government's reach to effectively handle the transition from a socialist rural structure to a capitalist liberalized structure.

One of the biggest mistakes committed by the present set of leaders is that they are not letting the farmers realize the implication of India moving from developing to developed nation status.

The most important aspect of this progress being that the percentage of Indian population depending on agriculture must be brought down from figures that are close to 50% of the population down to much less than 10%; farmers will be squeezed out of their profession.

Critical solutions

Sensitize the farming community to the realities staring them in the face; if informed they are more likely to adjust since they will know what is hitting them

Village communities need to diversify in order to survive in the new environment

Village dwellers need to re-assert their traditional community strengths and solidify mutual support mechanisms so that together they will be able to sustain the impact of impending change

Only village communities that have taken up responsibility for their own welfare have been able to achieve results against the adverse situation. The average citizen must take initiative and participate… he does not have the luxury of leaving it to the state…
There must be effective and substantial decentralization…

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