In the land where the Sindu flows
  Rule-of-law, Duty, Supreme Self, Present Moment  


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i) Foreword

ii) Introduction


Section I: Rediscovering the Genuine Universality of Hinduism


1.1 -- Overcoming Prejudices Against Ancient Indian Learning

1.2 -- Hinduism: the Boa that Swallows Religions

1.3 -- The core that inspires: The Enduring Principle in Hinduism

1.4 -- Genuine Practical Hinduism is the Global Answer for Peace


Section II: The Making of Modern India After Slighting Indigenous Content


2.1 -- A Colonial Administration: Not Designed to Nurture Indigenous Wisdom

2.2 -- How the Design of the Indian Education System Missed Great Treasures

2.3 -- The Gandhian Vision Urged India to its Genuine Roots

2.4 -- A Constitution that Sympathizes but Does not Empathize With Indianness


Section III: Applied Spirituality: Converting Casteism Back Into a Boon


3.1 -- Introduction: An Opportunity Hidden in Casteism

3.2 -- The Casteism Debate: Need for Raising the Level of Consciousness

3.3 -- What can be and What Cannot be Inherited

3.4 -- When the Wise Intervene They Inspire Groups to Succeed

3.5 -- The true strength of  Casteism: Know it to Deal With it

3.6 -- Authorized notions of High and Low in Casteism and Spirituality

3.7 -- Myths Concerning Elevation of the Lower Castes

3.8 -- This is a Great Time to Rise Together


Section IV:


4.1 -- Point wise summary of the contents of the book




A: Detractors will use passionate shouting

B: Pandit Deendhayal Upadhayay’s views on Dharma

C: Need To Uphold Dharma (K Subrahmanyam)

D: Swami Vivekananda's address; World Parliament of Religions:

E: Evaluating the spiritual aspects of a person

F: Inter caste marriages

G: Who is Wise?

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