In the land where the Sindu flows
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Book for whom?

The Indian: that he may reflect over what Indianness is about and act with faith in his inheritance
The NRI: That he gets insights on his heritage and knows where and how to seek it

The spiritual secularist: That he is able to evaluate whether greater frontiers have already been breached in this field…

The Hindutwa brigade: That they are able to separate grain from the chaff in their activities

Truth Seeker the world over: that he is introduced to valuable sources of knowledge and wisdom

Peace activists: that they may widen his scope of activity and strategize for best effect

Caste reformists: that they may understand the true meaning of caste and chart a path for true progress of those they work for

How you can help out with this book
Publishing: The book needs to be published, kindly get a publisher to explore the manuscript seriously.

The ideas need to be propagated, kindly facilitate in what ever way possible.

Financial support: for publishing and promoting


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