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Gandhiji called the villages of his time as “dung heaps”… If that be so then, what were 'proper villages' according to him?

Much has been done in the form of 'serving' the villages so that they may rise from their wretchedness... But in all probability, in this tendency for providing ‘service’ to them seems to lie the greatest handicap of the entire effort.

Do villages require service or then do they require to serve?!

Do external agencies help them so that they will be able to rise, or then facilitate them to help themselves so that they may develop the ability to help themselves?

This may appear like the chicken and egg problem but mind-science points out that the tendency to give salvation to villages by serving them is an error. The thought that they need to be hand held like children is the error. Probably the present system is reading too much into the supposed despondency of villages. Illiteracy is not equal to un-educated and literacy is not equal to educated.  Village dwellers can be the architects of their own salvation; they can, on their own strength rise up to the challenge.

As long as they are treated as ‘poor/unfortunate/sorry/sad/illiterate’ people who need help they are not going to meet their mark. Faith must be reposed on village dwellers. The entire leadership from taluka upwards, the bureaucracy and the system itself must believe the villagers can deliver their own goods—and that they can even go beyond that and produce surplus for the nation.

Stemming from such belief there is a need to let villages have their own forums with adequate rights and responsibilities so that they can deliver.  They must be the masters of their own salvation. The villager needs to shoulder the responsibility of his village mates and also the nation; he needs to believe he can. And that if he has the opportunity he will eventually match the performances of the best of artists, intellectuals, sportsmen…

This book covers the spirit of how this must be taken forward… each village acting as a team to better the life of its citizens... just as all Indians are expected to participate in a team effort to raise the nation to its salvation…

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