In the land where the Sindu flows
  Rule-of-law, Duty, Supreme Self, Present Moment  


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      Introduction: An Idea Whose Time Has Come



Section I: The true power of decentralization



1.1 -- Decentralization: The Heart of Successful Systems


1.2 – Benevolence in Centralization is Ignorance Personified


1.3 -- The Spirit of an Inspirational Village Republic


1.4 -- Two Cardinal Principles for Decentralization



Section II: The Freedom Which The Nation Did Not Achieve in 1947


2.1 – When Can I Say I am Free?


2.2 -- Indian Administration nurtured in slavery



Section III: Grassroots Teamwork:  Revisiting What Was Denigrated


3.1 – How better would a teamed up community perform?


3.2 -- Does The Present State Patronize Team Formation?


3.3 – How Colonialism Stifled Decentralization



Section IV:  Conceiving The Journey back to Freedom



4.1 – Let the Father of the nation set the basic goal


4.2 – My Gandhian Eden: Home sweet Home



Section V: Tackling the forces that can impede



5.1 – The First Enemy: Usurping Leaders


5.2 – The Second Enemy: Passive/ignorant Citizen


5.3 – The Third Enemy: Lack of Institutionalization


5.4 – The Fourth Enemy: Froth in Society


5.5 – Enemies of the Spirit of Swaraj



Section VI: Realizing Panchayati Swaraj Today



6.1 -- Revenue Accounting


6.2 -- Economic Freedom


6.3 -- Cultural Freedom


6.4 – Health


6.5 -- Obtaining Governance Freedom


6.6 -- Vision Freedom


6.7 -- Using the Indices to Move Towards Second Freedom



Section VII: External Assistance: An Exercise in Symbiosis



7.1 -- The Inter-village Forum: Invaluable for freedom


7.2 – Supporting Villages From the Outside: Dos and Don’t's


7.3 – Yes We Can


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