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Preface by Prof Lalitha Ramamurthi (excerpts)

… a short but meaningful and relevant treatise by Mr. Nixon Fernando. The book is a reflection of the faith, dedication and conviction of the author on the power of common man. Analyzing the concept of freedom and self government in their various dimensions, Mr. Nixon Fernando has brought out an authentic and practical approach to solve politico-social issues. Explaining the corruption and manipulation involved in power struggles at all levels, the author is hopeful that given the right freedom and right conditions, humanity will enjoy real freedom. He rightfully believes that a decentralized, self-awakening and systematic contribution by local governing bodies—panchayats—will be able to destroy the narrow loyalties and temptations to outshine.

Indian culture and way of life is an indivisible part of the system of local government. Any purposive and meaningful system will have the needs and aspirations of the common man as its focus, the beginning and the end. Inequalities between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, the knowledgeable and the ignorant, are the source of discontent among human societies. Mr. Nixon Fernando has analysed very logically these inequalities and has suggested a building-up from the lowest rung of development.

I congratulate Mr. Fernando for his refreshingly different approach to the governance of panchayats. The title “Panchayati Swaraj’ is unique because it reveals that in local self-governing bodies only the future of India rests. The book is a very valuable contribution, by Mr. Nixon Fernando to remove the apathy and indifference with which those in power look at development issues.

Dr. Lalitha Ramamurthi
Chairperson, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Chennai
President, Institution for development education, Chennai
Former Senior Research Fellow Madras University

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