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Book Publisher:         Bharitiya Vidya Bhavan, India
Author:                         Nixon Fernando
No of Pages:               218
Paper Back Price:     Rs. 150 /-
I.S.B.N:                       81-7276-132-5

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What the book is about

‘Towards the Kingdom of Heaven’ (TTKOH) is the first of the series of four books that together discuss how the nation needs to be taken forward. TTKOH’s primary objective is to work on prejudices that inhibit the nation’s potential. There is need to take into reckoning basic differences in perception that exist between the oriental and the occidental, Modern and ancient, scientific and religious, indigenous and alien.

This book deals with the ideas Indians need to entertain for their desired movement towards freedom.  Thoughts and ideas lead to words and actions. Therefore the place to start the pursuit of freedom must be at the intellectual level. TTKOH is dedicated to discussing basic principles on which action is hinged in the present world.

 TTKOH answers the questions:- ‘Is there hope for India?’ 'Why is there confusion' 'Where does one need to look to get the best solutions?'

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