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TTKOH is primarily a letter to a friend, who in turn is a fellow explorer trying to understand more about the world around him. It focuses on discussing principles and ideals.

The book is recommended for the patriot, for general reading, for school and college students and for anyone from across the world who seeks to widen his horizons on matters of spirit and society.

It is a good book for a foreigner who wants to gain deeper insight into India and its thought processes. It is also good for the spiritualist who is at loggerheads with science and for the scientist who is at loggerheads with spirituality.

The author would specially like to recommend TTKOH for leaders and educationists, because they need to lead the youth and the future generations to be the best they can be. The book has the ability to encourage diversity in thinking in senior school and college students and help them gain deeper insights on issues related to socio-political systems, value systems, traditions and culture… An excellent book for debaters...


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Book for whom

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