In the land where the Sindu flows
  Rule-of-law, Duty, Supreme Self, Present Moment  


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How you can help out with this book

The book needs to be promoted; following requests are being made to the reader

  • Please recommend it to libraries that you have access to
  • Nice if you could write a review
  • Encourage thinking youngsters to go through it; it will help young minds make better sense of the melting pot they are being subjected to.
  • Use it to introduce Indian thinking to non-Indians: Those NRI’s who seek to hold their own in an inter-cultural exchange could use this book to place the essential debates in perspective. It throws light on the basic thinking processes that inspires Indian Tradition.




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Unquestioned intellectual Hegemony  

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Forward by Adm Arun Prakash (excerpts)  
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How you can help out with this book