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Forward by Admiral Arun Prakash (excerpts)

… The title of this book could be somewhat misleading, but it is certainly not a theological work. It only attempts to draw upon the treasure-house of wisdom which it claims is embedded in each religion, but which, for various reasons in neither apparent nor available to the man on the street…

… Samuel Huntington, a Harvard social scientist, in his recent book, “The Clash of Civilizations’”, considers that differences between religions are irreconcilable, and goes on as far as to postulate that all future conflicts will arise along so called “Civilizational fault lines”. The civilizations as defined by him, are synonymous with the world’s great religions, and therefore, his thesis tends to reinforce the suspicion with which a large percentage of the intelligentsia looks at religions.

In a refreshingly different viewpoint, Fernando attempts to dispel this somewhat grim prognosis, with the opening sentence of his book. Striking an optimistic note, he says, “Diverse as they are, religions do have at leas a fine thread of similarity running through all of them. And when one gets hold of this thread, a whole world of logic and reason opens out to him”.

… Fernando writes with the fervour and burning conviction of an idealist, that instantly strikes the reader. Going through Fernando’s prose, which often contains an unorthodox turn of phrase, entirely his own, the reader can sense the eagerness of an evangelist as he comes forth to offer succour and salvation to humanity through seemingly new-found simple truths….

Vice Admiral Arun Prakash, AVSM, VrC, VSM, Former Commandant NDA

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