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This paper (100 pages) indicates that the Human Rights discourse needs to be taken to the next level. By the declaration of 'Organizational Rights of Communities' a strong basis can be established for effective transfer of power to the grassroots.

Good societies cannot be built on the basis of a self-seeking ethos… Grooming highly productive citizens is also impossible if the focus is on one's own rights and entitlements. On the contrary if some members of society do not let go of their rights and make sacrifices, others cannot enjoy Human Rights.         

Eastern traditions build their togetherness on the basis of "Giving" rather than "Taking". The popular word used is "Dharma"; it has a lot to do with one's duty and with the establishment of rule-of-law. This calls for people coming together to form productive communities; the communities in turn giving Human Rights to their members.

Human Rights are essentially declared at the level of nation states and local communities are not involved in its effective use and implementation. Local communites use traditions and practices instead. An efficient system must have an impact on the traditions and practices of local communities.  This in turn cannot be achieved if communities are themselves not recognized as legal entities and given rights.

The important benefits that arise from this are, better value systems, better chances of implementation of Human Rights, an opportunity to tackle environmental degradation and finally a conducive framework to tackle the spring board for terrorism. 

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