In the land where the Sindu flows
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For effective implementation of Human Rights

The paper has direct relevance to efforts of:

Human Rights workers who are focused on successful absorption of Human Rights principles in all kinds of cultural groups.

Researchers in the field of Human Rights: This will give ideas to work towards furthering the system of Human Rights such that it will not impose hegemonic pressure on indigenous groups.

Indigenous communities: Community leaders will find strength for delivering to their communities, even on Human Rights if this process is well channelized. 

High Context societies: that rely heavily on mutual selfless support and sacrifice in their traditions and lay stress on community living will find a rallying point to put forward the case in support of their cultural wisdom and traditions.

Spiritual leaders of all hues: for the co-existence of various religions while ensuring that the Supreme Power finds focus in any case. It is a great step forward towards recognizing the rights of the spiritual perspective. It addresses the issue of asking for a minimum of an agnostic approach in designing socio-political systems. 

The global citizen: who wishes welfare of humanity

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