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For effective implementation of Human Rights


Human Rights activists, Global peace activists, Environmentalists, Intellectuals in Law, Efficient Administrators, Leaders and organizations dealing with the rights of indigenous peoples.... all stand to gain greatly... this work can produce win-win situations for all these.

Please do facilitate.... it will help us build a better world on time tested principles...Kindly take this up as part of your development activity.  

Academic researchers in Law and Human rights are invited for direct partnerships to convert this into an authentic academic research paper for a university that is mutually acceptable.

UNHRC: if Human Rights get an improved chance of being implemented then the UN must do everything in its means to adapt this idea for global implementation.  

Indigenous people and organizations that struggle for them, will find a great technical argument for the protection of their rights and their resources.    

Traditionally "close context" societies which are based not on rights but rather on duties, service and selflessness: will have an opportunity to have their perspective heard through a well-meaning and well-pitched argument. Their interests stand to be protected and this will in turn influence the world for good. 


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