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For effective implementation of Human Rights 



            Each human cultural identity that has endured for centuries has immense inbuilt strengths. These strengths have manifested in stable long lasting local and indigenous community arrangements; and there are innumerable such examples from locations all over the world. In the interests of protecting diversity these community arrangements and local governance mechanisms must be protected and nurtured. And for protecting them there is need of a framework to regulate them. They must be informed about their rights and responsibilities. Through such regulation synergy can be fostered within each community and between communities.


Giving cultural Human Rights to each individual human being is good, but it is not enough. Each culture/community as a team/organization itself needs to have rights. Only through these can both responsibilities and powers be transferred to the base of the government pyramid. Only through this can Human Rights be effectively delivered at the grassroots.


A natural spinoff expected is that the environment can be revived. This is because indigenous traditions that base their values on contentment and simple living can provide a strong basis for the protection of the environment and rejuvenation of forests—it is in their interests and therefore their strengthening can stem the present degradation. 


This also offers opportunities to tackle clashes arising from disagreeing ideologies within a framework of agreed rules. Terrorists of all kinds can truly be intellectually nailed and their influence checked systemically.

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