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What is this book about?

India as a nation cannot rise if it does not go back to the wise and fall back upon its highest value systems. And the two important areas on which nation must act to achieve this are firstly establishment of community rule with effective decentralization and second, the meaningful application of the wisdom (secular) of the ages contained in its great ancient spiritual texts.

Based on such a foundation the nation must build upon the democracy it has established for itself.

Definitely for a young nation the democracy has done reasonably well... But can the nation do better…?

The democracy is built through the institutions it contains, the polity, education, judiciary, policing and a host of others and the citizens of that nation act through these. When we shift to the frame of decentralization and wisdom, these institutions appear different and their idealism points out to a different direction. 

This book unravels what that direction must be by focusing on several aspects/issues relevant to public life in India. It discusses changes that must happen in each of these aspects in order that they contribute towards a freedom-giving system. The list that is touched in the book is not exhaustive but it will serve adequately to indicate the direction the nation must take. Click here to access the list of topics covered in this book.

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