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Currently help is needed for the publishing of the following three books of the series

Return to an ancient and Glorious Tryst
Panchayati Swaraj
Transition to freedom

(A forward is needed for the last book...)

two books have been published but have not done too well... one hopes that they will also catch up once the entire mission begins to roll

These books together constitute an alternative to the visions proposed by Mr. Nandan Nilekeni and Dr. Abdul Kalam... They include the features of the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. Deendhayal Upadhayay and seek to give an action plan. These contain forwards by personalities like the fiery Mr. TN Seshan (Former CEC of India), the articulate soldier Admiral Arun Prakash (Former CNS of India) and a Gandhian, Prof Lalitha Ramamurthi (chairperson of Gandhi Peace Foundation, Chennai)... Such independent intellectuals' backing must speak of the books' potential. With the right publisher and the right approach to the marketing this can be converted into a platform for discussion about the future of a nation standing at the crossroads

Controversial ideas related to reservation, casteism, religious tolerance, village freedom, hegemony are all tackled without giving space for political correctness and most of all it is based on ageless wisdom... so fundamentals are strong... hope this convinces an interested publisher

The possibility of finding an advertising partner also exists so it is possible that the entire effort can be underwritten through a sponsorship...

Those with relevant contacts with publishers are requested do what they can to make the publishing process happen

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