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Swaraj, or self-rule in the villages is the final goal... that is at the heart of Mahatma Gandhi's vision... it is the foundation on which India can find its ultimate freedom where every citizen stands to the tallness of his being as Rabrindranath Tagore suggested

True that it requires education, but it is misguided belief that that education must happen only within schools... there are other means... and one of them can even support a commercial establishment...

The author has an idea that combines the information model of wiki, the commercial model of 'just dial' and a presentation format of mind science specialist so as to realize a transformation in the villages of India... It may have to start as a CSR initiative though...

A minimum of Rs50 lakhs is likely to start yielding results in 8 months to 1 year for one regional language along with English. Communities around the world stand to benefit...

Request is out to venture capitalists, CSR initiatives and donor foundations to explore with the author the possibility of creating such an institution

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